Rock Oyster 2024 – Green Policy

Rock Oyster is committed to being as environmentally sustainable as possible and we are taking steps to help protect  our beautiful land and produce a greener, cleaner festival for everyone. 

The Festival is striving to further reduce all single use plastic, so plastic straws, plastic coffee cups, plastic bags and plastic condiments sachets are  strictly not permitted.  

Polystyrene, single use plastic and other non-recyclables are NOT acceptable. Please seek alternative packaging if you currently offer any of these  items.  

Traders found to be using contraband single-use plastic disposables will not be selected to trade at the festival in the future. We give preference to  traders who use organic, seasonal and locally sourced ingredients.  

We are always looking for new ways to look after the environment, and favour traders who are committed to sustainable practices.  


1. Traders MUST adhere to the compostable serve-ware and packaging guidelines (“biodegradable” is not acceptable) 2. NO single sachets, use only refillable containers are acceptable e.g. Salt, pepper etc. 

3. Traders MUST use recycling and compost systems provided behind stalls 

4. NO single-use plastic bags will be given out or sold at the event 

5. NO single use plastics 

Please note that failure to adhere to any of the above will affect applications to trade at future events 


• Food containers, packaging, plates and cutlery etc, must be compostable; drinks containers should be recyclable; recyclable plastic is  preferable 

• Only sell cans or glass bottles, or/and encourage consumers to use own or re-usable bottles 

• No single use condiment sachets or offer from re-usable, refillable containers 

Please note, compostable is different to ‘biodegradable’, which is not permitted 

It is essential that everyone uses the correct serve-ware as small percentages of contamination can lead to large amounts of waste going to  landfill rather than being composted.  

Please note that serve-ware will be checked onsite before permission is granted to open 


• Wooden/Vegware cutlery – spoons, forks and knives 

• Compostable paper and cardboard cups 

• Compostable paper plates and bowls 

• Wooden stirrers and compostable straws 


• No cornstarch/bioplastic cups allowed to be used on site (they are not compostable. Vegware is fine.) 

• No expanded polystyrene 

• No plastic cutlery or straws 

• No aluminum foil packaging 

• No single sachet servings of salt, pepper, sugar or sauces. Refillable containers only. 

• No plastics of any type including PET, rPET or HDPE (with the exception of single-use plastic drink bottles) • No single-use plastic bags (paper bags only) 

If you have any queries about whether you are using the correct materials contact your supplier and check that what you are buying conforms to  the ‘EN13432’ standard. 


Packaging should be kept to a minimum and consist of only compostable or the following approved recyclable materials: • Plastics: PET, RPET, HDPE

• Uncoated* cards and plastics (starch-based compostable coatings are permissible) 


The Great Bath Feast is committed to responsible food sourcing such as reducing travel miles, environment impacts and maintaining welfare  standards, and managing our operations sustainably. As a trader you play a crucial role. We recognise that sourcing decisions affect margins,  but we hope you will make every effort to source sustainably. 

• Menus should be based on seasonable British and local produce where possible. Required items not available locally should be grown  within Europe 

• Preferably all tea, coffee, hot chocolate, sugar and bananas certified Fair Trade 

• Cleaning products must be non-toxic, biodegradable or environmentally friendly wherever possible within food hygiene guidelines. 


We have ambitious recycling targets and we aim to dramatically reduce our waste to landfill in 2024. This requires separating all of our waste  streams onsite. We realise it can be difficult as each festival you attend may have a different system. Because of this we aim to be very clear  about what we expect, and the Green Team manager and Waste Management representatives will be around throughout the event to offer  support. 


Dry mixed recyclables: Plastic, cans, tins – Please only use clear bin liners for mixed dry recyclables. – Please rinse any food residue off of plastics/cans/tins. 

You will have access to a DRY MIXED RECYCLING bin behind each cluster of stalls or individual stalls, this will be emptied by the onsite waste management company. 

Cardboard – Please break down/fold boxes. 

Glass – Please rinse any food residue off of glass. You will have access to a GLASS bin behind each cluster of stalls or individual stalls, this will be emptied by the onsite waste management company 

Food waste, compostable serve-ware and  compostable packaging. Please bring your own temporary container/bin; these can be  decanted into COMPOST bins behind each cluster of stalls or  individual stalls. Plastic liners are not to be used.  

Cooking oils/fats Please store used oils and fats in your original container or own container  with lid on, then dispose of in the OIL WASTE bin behind each cluster of stalls. IF there is a waste drum for Oil please decant oil into this. 

Cigarette Waste All cigarette butts must be disposed of into cigarette butt bins  provided, butt pouches or into general waste bins once extinguished. 

Other waste Any other waste must be put into GENERAL WASTE bins 

Our onsite Green Team will offer advice and help onsite, if you do not have the necessary resources as above, please advise a member of staff. It  is your responsibility to ensure your staff recycle and keep waste streams separate, please have this policy available in your stall for your staff to refer to. 


Please ensure your staff take everything home with them, including their tents if camping. Recycling points can be found in the staff camping  areas. 


Please note that we do check your compliance with this policy both before and during the event, so we expect your operation to reach the  standards you have agreed to. 

The Eco Bond will only be returned if you recycle effectively and leave your trading pitch in an acceptable state – completely litter free. A sign-off  from the Trade Manager is required at the end of the event. Failure to sign off with a Trade Manager will result in the loss of your Eco Bond  Deposit. 


We know that traders do not intend to have surplus food but are aware that sometimes this is unavoidable given the nature of the business. If  there’s a chance you will have food remaining at the end of the festival and would like to be able to use it for a good cause, we will arrange for  our food donation charity to collect it from you at the end of the event.